New video: Pixelland 🎒🎑🎠 [mega theme park]

Finally! After 9 months and hundreds of hours later Pixelland is finished. This is my fifth mega park and mainly focuses on realism, different themes and even more coasters than before. The top view of Pixelland is breathtaking. You can see the structure of the park, including the surrounding area with the parking and roads.

Pixelland has a large hotel, including a swimming pool and private parking. In the park you will find numerous attractions and themes. The park has 7 roller coasters, 2 water rides and 13 rides. I tried to bring as many realistic details as possible to the park so you get a real and unique theme park feeling when visiting Pixelland. I hope you will have a lot of fun.

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Pixelland delayed by Planet Coaster bug 😞🎑

Unfortunately, since the Toolkit-update I and other Planet Coaster players have problems with the game. Due an unknown bug, the game has become extremely slow, extremely low fps and continuous lags.

The problem is only noticeable when you open a large park. This should not be a mega park, one third of the map filled gives already problems. This makes it for me impossible to continue working on my fifth mega park Pixelland. That’s sad because the park is 98% finished and only a few minor adjustments have to be made. If the bug hadn’t occurred, the park would be released this weekend.

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New video: Kompel Shaft β˜ οΈβš’ [Horror Heights]

Today you can be eyewitnesses of inexplicable things in an old and abandoned mine. The Kompel Shaft was used to win coal, but has been out of use for more than 50 years. Last year the lift has been renovated and today you can descend into the mine, do you dare? Have fun!

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New video: Eastbound River πŸ›ΆπŸ’¦ [Rapid River]

The Eastbound River crosses the eastern part of Pixelland and takes you to different adventures and places. Take your time and relax in this rapid river, but be careful, some parts of the river are wild and the chances of getting wet are very high. Have fun and enjoy the view.

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New video: Subaquatic πŸ πŸ™ [dark ride coaster]


Are you ready for a unique underwater adventure? In a small fishing village there is a passage between the rocks that gives you access to the deep sea. Immerse yourself in this colorful world full of surprises. Take a deep breath and join me on this trip 🐠 Have a splashtastic ride 😍🌊

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New video: Dizzill 🎒😡 [Inverted Boomerang Coaster]

Do you dare to fall backwards from a high tower? Try it out now in this Inverted Boomerang Coaster! Through the oil towers you will be hoisted up and experience the entire ride not only forward, but also backwards. Dizzill is only suitable for the real daredevils, have fun!

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New video: Coaler Pit 🎒🀠 [Gold Rush – Swinging Coaster]

Coaler Pit

Welcome to the wild west! In Pixelland you will find a beautiful old mine hidden in a gigantic mountain. The Coaler Pit is a swinging mine train coaster with the necessary thrill, steep descents and sharp turns. In this video you can experience three onride journeys: Chase, POV and Guest Facing, all three unique and lots of fun.

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New video: Energy🎒⚑️[Hybrid Coaster]

Energy hybrid coaster by PixelWess89

Windmills, solar panels, hydropower, water reservoir, steam generators, It’s just a selection of the various possibilities to generate energy. Step into this hybrid coaster and feel the forces. This roller coaster is powerd by Gulpee Energy, powerful drinks for everyone. Have fun! 🎒⚑️

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New video: Wizard Quest πŸŽ’πŸ§™β€β™€οΈπŸž [Junior Coaster]

Visit the house of the wizard of Pixelland and discover his latest creation a giant beetle. Crawl on the back of the beetle and make a dazzling trip around the Wizard’s house and garden. Of course, the environment in the final park will contain more fantasy-rich buildings like a magical tower.

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