Who I am…

Hayo and welcome,
I’m Wesley Fabry but the most of you will know me as PixelWess89. I make Planet Coaster videos, creations, unique projects, special parks, coasters and blueprints. Attention to detail is one of my specialties and I’m famous for the Pixel Trilogy. I have played Planet Coaster for 2643 hours and Planet Zoo for 274 hours so far.

On my website you will find all the latest PixelWess89 news, my creations, downloads, YouTube videos and more. This is the place where you can find out more about my projects and some sneak previews. Buy Planet Coaster now and discover my creations.
Thank you for your visit and Bayo!



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If you like my creations you can support me on YouTube by becoming a PixelWess89 Member. My YouTube membership page is where you can support my projects in exchange for some rewards. You’ll get access to exclusive sneak previews, live streams and more. Beside that you can help me with a one-time PayPal donation.

Your donation helps me to make a bunch of new fantastic creations in the future. Becoming a supporter is completely optional, and I appreciate any support – even if it’s just watching and sharing my projects!

Thank you in advance,
Wesley Fabry [PixelWess89]