Nice that you want to know more about me. I grew up in Belgium and live in the Netherlands since 2012. My interests are very different, so I love animals, nature, the environment and traveling. Furthermore, I am very interested in the latest gadgets, web 2.0, photography and the modern way of communicating through the social media, internet, smartphones and more.

For now my biggest hobby is Planet Coaster and making some YouTube videos, but also cooking. I got my own cooking website Wessalicious with tasty vegetarian dishes and recipes. So yes, I’m a vegetarian.

Something totally different, I’m passionate about the latest technology and follow everything closely about Apple and tech. Daily I write tips and (news) articles about Apple and web 2.0 wich you can find on appletips.

My job and more

I’m Managing Partner and together with Richard IJzermans owner of the internet company Genius Media. We’ve got various websites like appletips.nl, wessalicious.com, raspberrytips.nl and defaults-write.com. Also this website is part of the family. We love sharing our knowledge with others, our goal for our company.