New video: Wizard Quest 🎢🧙‍♀️🐞 [Junior Coaster]

Visit the house of the wizard of Pixelland and discover his latest creation a giant beetle. Crawl on the back of the beetle and make a dazzling trip around the Wizard’s house and garden. Of course, the environment in the final park will contain more fantasy-rich buildings like a magical tower.

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New video and blueprint: Pixel Pier 🎠 – Vintage Pack

Welcome at the Pixel Pier where the nostalgic fun begins! This is my vintage project and it’s a unique concept. Pixel Pier is actually my first 4K blueprint theme park! It has two coasters, three rides, shops, decoration, Arcade hall, Fireworks show, a restaurant and so much more. It’s insane! Enjoy this special project and place the pier in your own park! Have Fun

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New blueprints: Pulpo Agitando and chandelier 🐙

Ahoy pirates, I have uploaded two new blueprints! A rocktopus ride skin and a chandelier. With the Pulpo Agitando ride skin you have immediately a tropical atmosphere in your park.

Good to know: Pulpo Agitando means Waving Octopus. The skin contains a fully themed queue, one Pipshot Water shop, toilets and a few special effects during the ride. The pirate chandelier is made out of a Ship Wheel, perfect for you Pirate buildings and more! Have fun!

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