New video: ValhΓΆll πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄πŸ’€πŸ’¦

The start of this adventure is in a beautiful Norwegian village during the times of the Vikings. According to an ancient wisdom: Never set sail on a full moon when the wind blows from the north, brave warriors set out on this dark night for looting and battles. As soon as the moon turns red, the ships sink and the entire crew drown.

Before they know it, they are at the gate of Valhalla. Happy as they are, they enter paradise. For Vikings, being killed in battle was the highest honor a man could receive. After meeting God Odin, they enter Asgard, the place of all heroes and gods.

But are these warriors at the right place? Or rather they belong in Niflhel, the deepest point of Niflheim and the place where Hella, the goddess of the underworld, reigns?

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Pixel Zoo finished! Grand tour video + download

Finally! After nearly 10 months and hundreds of hours later Pixel Zoo is finished. This is my first mega zoo and mainly focuses on experiencing beautiful nature, impressive animals and new cultures. The top view of Pixel Zoo is breathtaking. You can see the structure of the zoo and the different worlds that merge into each other.

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New video: 4×4 Safari Tour and African Elephant hotel

Go on an exciting adventure in this special video of my African area at Pixel Zoo. Get in one of the 4×4 jeeps and join the Safari Tour and see the most impressive animals such as giraffes, wildebeests and zebra.s Are you tired after a day at the zoo? Then stay in one of the luxurious rooms in the African elephant hotel with a view of the savannah. Enjoy the onride and video.

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New video: Llama | South America Pack

In this episode you can see my first project with the South American pack. In my Pixel Zoo I had an empty area that lends itself perfectly for this theme. Visitors immediately enter the Llama habitat through an abandoned wall. From the bridge, they can view the animals and later enter the rainforest to arrive at a beautiful temple. In this first episode I build the llama enclosure, have fun.

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