Pixel Continents Park blueprints

Pixel Continents Park is my latest mega park which you can download here. On this page you can download all the blueprints that I made especially for the park. Such as buildings, decoration, centerpieces, rides, coasters, restaurants, hotels and more. Please check this page regularly. I will provide these with new blueprints in the coming weeks.

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Pixel Continents Park 🎒🎑🎠 now available for download

Finally! After 3.5 years and hundreds of hours later, Pixel Continents park is finished. This is my sixth mega park and has the earth as main subject. It’s not a copy of existing buildings, monuments or attractions, but the feeling and atmosphere of every part of the world.

The top view of Pixel Continents park is breathtaking. You can see the structure of the park, including the surrounding area with the parking. If you look closely, you will see that this park has more roller coasters and attractions than ever in a Pixel park. Fun guaranteed!

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Fireworks Show πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡ [Pixel Continents Park]

For years, the palace of JΔ«n gΗ’u has been tormented by dragons that ravage the region. Brave visitors can already battle the dragons on the Inverted roller coaster ‘Dragon Chaser’. In the evening, their victories are celebrated with a grand Chinese fireworks display. But their celebration is brutally interrupted by an escaped dragon. Will the revelry be saved and ended in harmony?

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