New video: Capuchin Monkey ?? | South America Pack

In this episode I build a small but cute animal habitat for the Capuchin monkeys. For this I use the South American pack and the beautiful bamboo pieces. The idea is that their enclosure lies in the jungle. Visitors can watch the monkeys via narrow paths, have fun.

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New video: Japanese Macaque Habitat ???

This episode is the sequel to the speed build number 11. You can see how I make a beautiful habitat for my Japanese Macaques. The monkeys get a unique Japanese shelter and a beautiful environment with climbing possibilities. Of course, guests can come face to face with the naughty monkeys. Have fun.

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New video: Reindeer Habitat ❄️?

In this episode you can see how I made the reindeer enclosure. For this I almost only use the Arctic pack. I build a custom fence and you can see how you can use the standard Arctic blueprints from frontier in your own habitats. The cinematic shots are definitely worth watching. This shows a cozy northern village overlooking the reindeer. Have fun!

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New video: Dangle Peaks ???

Are you ready for a dangling journey through the beautiful mountains? In this steel hydra coaster you can enjoy beautiful views, waterfalls, exciting heights and deep valleys. Let yourself be transported to the undiscovered treasures between the peaks and experience a unique view of nature. Have fun!

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New video: Polar Bear Habitat ❄️??

In this episode I finish the polar bear habitat. The theme is Svalbard (Spitzbergen), with the characteristic colored houses and beautiful snow landscapes. The polar bears have two indoor enclosures, one in the Arctic Dome and the other in the Polar House. In both buildings it is below freezing so that the bears are comfortable. Have fun!

Polar Bear Habitat

#4 Building an Indian Entrance and shops ???

Let’s play Planet Zoo Beta! In this new two-part speed build series you can see how I build an Indian Entrance. It will be a large entrance for your zoo, but you can also use this as a gateway to your Asian area. Besides the main building, I also make small shops, decorations and staff buildings so that you can also use these in your zoo.

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New video: Macchina Botanica ?? [Classic Car Ride]

Take a seat in one of these classic cars and enjoy a beautiful drive through a natural environment. Mrs. Steyr lives in an Austrian village and is a real plant lover. In her greenhouse and garden you will find the most beautiful flowers, plants and trees. Discover them quickly, have fun and drive safely.

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New video: Quartz Peaks ?❄️⛏[Bobsled]

Recently I have built a new theme area in the Pixel Continents Park, where the Alps are central. The first attraction is the Quartz Peaks, a Bobsled coaster that takes you into the secrets of the mountains. Go with the miners on your way to the top of the mountain and then start your adventure all the way down. Do you come find the special crystals, gemstones and valuable rocks? Have fun!

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