Pixel Continents Park blueprints

Pixel Continents Park is my latest mega park which you can download here. On this page you can download all the blueprints that I made especially for the park. Such as buildings, decoration, centerpieces, rides, coasters, restaurants, hotels and more. Please check this page regularly. I will provide these with new blueprints in the coming weeks.

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Pixel Continents Park 🎒🎑🎠 now available for download

Finally! After 3.5 years and hundreds of hours later, Pixel Continents park is finished. This is my sixth mega park and has the earth as main subject. It’s not a copy of existing buildings, monuments or attractions, but the feeling and atmosphere of every part of the world.

The top view of Pixel Continents park is breathtaking. You can see the structure of the park, including the surrounding area with the parking. If you look closely, you will see that this park has more roller coasters and attractions than ever in a Pixel park. Fun guaranteed!

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Pixel Zoo finished! Grand tour video + download

Finally! After nearly 10 months and hundreds of hours later Pixel Zoo is finished. This is my first mega zoo and mainly focuses on experiencing beautiful nature, impressive animals and new cultures. The top view of Pixel Zoo is breathtaking. You can see the structure of the zoo and the different worlds that merge into each other.

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Giant Panda Habitat blueprints

The Giant panda is one of my favorite animals and I didn’t have to think long about making my first habitat for these special animals. The animal enclosure has a beautiful temple with a sleep and shelter underneath. There are various enrichments to be found in the habitat and nice viewpoints for animals and visitors. The area is decorated with a lot of plants, trees, a nice pagoda and some gates.

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Planet Zoo blueprints

I started making blueprints at Planet Zoo and my first one is a natural shelter with a small waterfall. In the coming days I will make more blueprints and upload them to the Steam Workshop so that you can use them in your own zoo. I will update this page when new items gohe online. When the game is launched on November 5, I will start with my first Pixel Zoo.

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New video & blueprint: Tempus ⏰ [Ghostbusters Ride]

Tempus - Ghostbusters Ride

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! The Italian historical museum of art and history has called the ghostbusters. Their museum is harassed by ghosts and these must be driven away before the guests will arrive.

But watch out! Gozers power activates the age-old time machine and before you know it you will be thrown back in time. During this journey you will visit the prehistory, Middle Ages, 50s and even the future. Defeat Gozer and the ghosts, otherwise you’ll never get back in the present. Good luck!

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