Pixel Zoo blueprints 🦍🦒🐅

Pixel Zoo is my first zoo that I make at Planet Zoo. On this page you can download all the blueprints that I made especially for Pixel Zoo. Such as buildings, decoration, centerpieces, rides, habitats and more.

Pixel Zoo blueprints

Grizzly bears habitat 🐻🍁

I gave my Grizzly bears a cozy enclosure, download the habitat and use it in your own zoo.

Staff building 🏢🌟

Let your employees chill in this fantastic staff building. You will find several facilities in this building such as a trade center, staff room, veterinarian, etc. The building has a modern look, but is equipped with the necessary plants and trees so that everyone feels great in this green oasis.

Pizza house 🍕🌱

Let your guests enjoy the most delicious pizzas in your Zoo. This pizza house has a modern and natural look thanks to the plants on the roof.

PixelWess89’s Camel Habitat 🐫

A simple but beautiful habitat for your camels, including a keeper’s hut, staff room and exhibit.

The Roasted Bean Coffee house [Pixel Zoo]

Let your guests relax in The Roasted Bean Coffee house. The cafe has a space to chill, but also regular picnic tables are available. At the coffee house is a greenhouse with tropical plants so that you can relax in a green oasis.

Pixel’s Centerpiece [Pixel Zoo]

A beautiful centerpiece made from various statues and decorative elements. Perfect for welcoming your guests and introducing them to the different animals in your Zoo.

Information Kiosk

A natural way to give your visitors information about the animals thanks to this Information Kiosk from a tree trunk. The sign is placed at an angle so that visitors can enjoy the view and read the information.

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