2000 YouTube subscribers!

youtube pixelwess89

Thank you very much! I have reached the 2000 YouTube subscribers, very special to me. Never thought I would start a career on YouTube.

To celebrate this special moment I made a video of the Pirate Saga fireworks show from Pixel Island. In this show the pirates fight against each other in a colorful battle. But beware of the Kraken and the fire.

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Pixel Studios – Spooky Edition and more

Now available! The Spooky Edition of Pixel Studios and the blueprint of House in the Woods! Do you dare to visit the studios at night? The park is decorated for Halloween with the new Spooky DLC. Discover mysterious areas and new decorations. In the park you will find a new dark ride: House in the Woods including themed queue and area. You can visit the park by default at night for an evil experience.

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New YouTube speed build series: Ghost Mine!

Ghost mine speed build

Hoi Everybody, I got very excited news, today starts a new “let’s play speed build series” on my YouTube Channel. I go back to my first park ‘Pixel World’ which has some popular coasters like: Revenge of the Mayas, Mission P and Ghost Mine. For the first time an existing attraction will be recreated and get a sequel.

For this series I decided to re-create the Ghost Mine, it will not be a copy but a new version with more details, scenes, effects and special tricks. In the episodes you will see how I make the track, as well the decoration, lighting, station, mountain and more. From scratch I build a whole new coaster and experience inspired by the first Ghost Mine. Hopefully you like it.

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Now available: Amelie’s Spooktacular Show blueprint!

Spooktacular show

Good news, the Amelie’s Spooktacular Show is now available in the steam workshop. You can now discover and experience the complete show by yourself. Hunt for little details and learn more about the story and possibilities. To view the show you must download the billboard videos and custom music. At the bottom of this post you will find the download link with all the files.

For the first time I made a complete show in Planet Coaster, for which I used the Display Sequencer. The show is located in the Pixel Arena with a stage, stands, special effects and decor. Hopefully you like it!

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Pixel Island: Discover the adventure!

Pixel Island

Welcome to the adventure! Almost 5 months after Pixel Studios and Pixel World earlier this year, I can proudly present Pixel Island. This is my third theme park and this time it’s located on a mystical island with a tropical atmosphere. Walking through the park is a unique experience, all attractions are fully themed and each of them tells a own story. Get lost? Check the guidemap (see screenshots). Personal note: It’s definitely recommended to visit the park during night time, the park is fully optimized and gives you a magical experience.

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