New YouTube speed build series: Ghost Mine!

Hoi Everybody, I got very excited news, today starts a new “let’s play speed build series” on my YouTube Channel. I go back to my first park ‘Pixel World’ which has some popular coasters like: Revenge of the Mayas, Mission P and Ghost Mine. For the first time an existing attraction will be recreated and get a sequel.

For this series I decided to re-create the Ghost Mine, it will not be a copy but a new version with more details, scenes, effects and special tricks. In the episodes you will see how I make the track, as well the decoration, lighting, station, mountain and more. From scratch I build a whole new coaster and experience inspired by the first Ghost Mine. Hopefully you like it.

Good to know, for this coaster I’m using a special no collision trick wich I’m gonna explain in a later episode. That’s the reason why I’m building under ground level. Going to be very cool!

Ghost Mine – #1 Track [Speed build]

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