Now available: Amelie’s Spooktacular Show blueprint!

Good news, the Amelie’s Spooktacular Show is now available in the steam workshop. You can now discover and experience the complete show by yourself. Hunt for little details and learn more about the story and possibilities. To view the show you must download the billboard videos and custom music. At the bottom of this post you will find the download link with all the files.

For the first time I made a complete show in Planet Coaster, for which I used the Display Sequencer. The show is located in the Pixel Arena with a stage, stands, special effects and decor. Hopefully you like it!

β€‹β˜… Story β€‹β˜…

Amelie, a happy, sweet girl lives in a cozy medieval village. One day the village is disturbed by a terrible witch. She kidnapped Amelie and locked her up. Then she uses her black magic to enchant the village. During this show you witness the kidnapping and undermine the black magic by yourself. But beware! In the village there’s a large statue of a dragon, the witch wants to make it alive. Hopefully the archer can beat the witch.

In the end, the witch is chased by the archer, you can see her flying away. Then he frees Amelie and they still lives happily ever after.

β€‹β˜… Speed build series β€‹β˜…

Are you curious about how I made this show? The complete Spooktacular Show speed build series is now available on my YouTube Channel. In these videos you can see how I made the show, all the way from scratch!

Spooktacular Show billboard & music files


β€‹β˜… Video β€‹β˜…

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  1. Thank you Wesley for sharing yet another amazing creation! Amelie’s Spooktacular show looks absolutely great!

    I hope that Nick Rodgers will see this as well, as Amelie is named after his daugher πŸ™‚


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