Udtja Bob [bobsleigh coaster]

udtja bob bobsleigh coaster

Unfortunately Planet Coaster has no bobsled coaster, but that is no reason not to make one. You can easily make your own bobsleigh by turning off the collision-options in the game. Build your track and then cover it with the terrain tools. In this video you can see my version of a bobsled made in Planet Coaster. Thanks TommyT for the idea, your 4×4 coaster inspired me.

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Amelie’s Spooktacular Show [Display Sequencer]

Amelie's spooktacular show

For the first time I made a complete show in Planet Coaster, for which I used the Display Sequencer. The show is located in the Pixel Arena with a stage, tribune, special effects and decor. Hopefully you like it! The video consists of two experiences. First, you can watch the show in close-up at night. After that, you will experience the show during the day as a visitor on the stands.

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