Now available: Sonnental – a PixelWess89 scenario ☀️

In this new park It’s your turn! Sonnental is my first scenario where you can build a PixelWess89 theme park yourself and complete various objectives. I have already built the entrances, shops, coasters and some attractions, but you finish it.

It will not be an easy scenario, but you can do it? Good luck and have fun! Please rate the scenario on the steam workshop page if you like it ✨

The objectives

Of course, this scenario also has some objectives. Four in each category, can you complete them and build a three star theme park?

• Employ 2 Mechanics before the end of April year 1
• Employ 5 Janitors before the end of May year 1
• Build a total of 5 Rides before the end of August year 1
• Train 10 staff to Master before the end of June year 2

• Catch 5 pickpockets
• Make a fireworks display that holds 300 guests’ attention
• Build a total of 8 Rides while operating for 12 months
• Build a Coaster at least 7.0 excitement and 4.0 fear. At most 2.0 nausea and 3 inversions, no drops more than 40 m and open for 2 months.

• Sustain a monthly Profit of $4,500 for 3 months
• Have no Staff member leave for 5 months
• Build a total 6 coasters at most 6.0 fear and 2.0 nausea while open for 3 months
• Achieve a Park value of $200,000 with a park rating of at least 1500 with all loans cleared

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