New video and blueprint: Pixel Pier 🎠 – Vintage Pack

Welcome at the Pixel Pier where the nostalgic fun begins! This is my vintage project and it’s a unique concept. Pixel Pier is actually my first 4K blueprint theme park! It has two coasters, three rides, shops, decoration, Arcade hall, Fireworks show, a restaurant and so much more. It’s insane! Enjoy this special project and place the pier in your own park! Have Fun

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New blueprints: Pulpo Agitando and chandelier 🐙

Ahoy pirates, I have uploaded two new blueprints! A rocktopus ride skin and a chandelier. With the Pulpo Agitando ride skin you have immediately a tropical atmosphere in your park.

Good to know: Pulpo Agitando means Waving Octopus. The skin contains a fully themed queue, one Pipshot Water shop, toilets and a few special effects during the ride. The pirate chandelier is made out of a Ship Wheel, perfect for you Pirate buildings and more! Have fun!

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Now available: Buaya Lagoon [Mini Adventure Park]

buaya lagoon

Buaya Lagoon is my adventure project and has become a mini park. Join archaeologists on a journey to the gigantic Ular temple, experience a phenomenal swinging coaster ride and discover the secrets of the lagoon in a free boat tour. The mini park is now available for download in the steam workshop! Have fun! 🐊🐍✨

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Chaotic – An Apocalypse Stunt Show 🔥🤖

Cameras ready? Action! In the “Chaotic – An Apocalypse Stunt Show” you will experience the end of the world. Alien life rules the earth and zombies are taking over control. It’s chaos in the city and you are eyewitnesses.

The survivors are looking for a way out, but the end is near! The police is trying to save the city, but that’s almost impossible. The show includes exciting scenes with fire, special effects, hijacked self-driving cars, monsters and more.  Be careful and have fun.

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