Sneak peek: Adventure project

Earlier this year I started an adventure project in Planet Coaster. In the temple there is a great dark ride and a boarding place for the new ‘Gold Fever’ mine coaster. The excellent place to go on an adventure, but pay attention! This is a temple with a dark past.

Follow me on social media for even more sneak previews the coming days. Links can be found in the menu bar of this site. This adventure project will coming soon to my YouTube Channel.

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New video & blueprint: Betula [Wooden Coaster]


In the middle of the winter and the snowy landscape you will find the Betula coaster. This is a Gnarler Wooden Coaster named after the birch tree. Exciting descents, sharp curves and constant speed make this a fantastic roller coaster.

In the video you can see three onrides: one during the day at the back, a POV at night and a great cinematic view. Have fun!

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New video: Bakery Adventure [Dark Ride]

Bakery Adventure video

Enter the Missy Goods bakery in Arctic Valley and get ready for a small tour. The specially designed tour guides bring you to all corners of the bakery on the ground level. But be careful! Try to avoid the shrink room, otherwise you will become as small as a mouse. Parts of the dark ride come from my earlier creation ‘Bon Bon’. Have fun!

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New video: Hall of Fame [Castle Dark Ride]

Hall of fame

In the middle of Arctic Valley you will find the special, magical and beautiful Pixel Frozen castle. On the side is the path that gives you access to the ballroom. Behind every door you can meet a legendary figure, which can be seen in the Arctic Valley. Immerse yourself and step into this enchanting Huntsman ride.

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