New video: Reindeer Habitat ❄️

In this episode you can see how I made the reindeer enclosure. For this I almost only use the Arctic pack. I build a custom fence and you can see how you can use the standard Arctic blueprints from frontier in your own habitats. The cinematic shots are definitely worth watching. This shows a cozy northern village overlooking the reindeer. Have fun!

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New video: Polar Bear Habitat ❄️

In this episode I finish the polar bear habitat. The theme is Svalbard (Spitzbergen), with the characteristic colored houses and beautiful snow landscapes. The polar bears have two indoor enclosures, one in the Arctic Dome and the other in the Polar House. In both buildings it is below freezing so that the bears are comfortable. Have fun!

Polar Bear Habitat

Building an Arctic Dome ❄️☃️ [Pixel Zoo]

In this episode you can see how I built my Pixel Zoo Arctic Dome. In this gigantic covered building it is always below freezing and the animals can enjoy snow and ice. Step by step you can see how I created this dome and how I decorated the entrance. In the following episodes you can expect habitats for polar bears and other arctic animals.

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Boat River Station [Pixel Zoo]

Last weekend I finished my Pixel Zoo’s boat river station. This African boarding point is located in a beautiful area with a natural waterfall and allows you to board in one of the beautiful boats. They take you on the Sewa River and introduce you to various West African monkeys. The onride of the Sewa River will be online soon. Have fun watching the speed build.

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The Giant Panda habitat [speed build]

The Giant panda is one of my favorite animals and I didn’t have to think long about making my first habitat for these special animals. The animal enclosure has a beautiful temple with a sleep and shelter underneath. There are various enrichments to be found in the habitat and nice viewpoints for animals and visitors. Follow the speed build video step by step to discover how I built this habitat.

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