Planet Coaster update 1.6 and Studios Pack!

Whoop Whoop! The free Planet Coaster update 1.6 is live! Also the Studios Pack can now be purchased and is more than worth it. Beside the three new rides: Big Screen Tour, Re-Motion and Horror Heights you get 127 character animatronics in the new DLC! This was something we really needed to tell more stories in a dark ride or coaster.

But I am also enthusiastic about the 81 new vehicle items, 60 building items, 24 animated scenery items, 85 static scenery items, 20 special effects and spectacular new audio! But there is more, all Planet Coaster players get a free update with lots of new possibilities!

Update 1.6 including PixelWess89 items!

We have received an interesting new Hotel feature, triggerable flexicolour, glass! and path tunneling. But the best is triggerable time of day for dark rides and we can finally pause the track rides! This allows us to create an even more intense experience, I am very happy with it!

Be sure to check the simulator ride style videos for billboards! I am one of the creators who has been given the opportunity to create an exciting experience for this update. I am very proud of it! Check it out!

Frontier Dev UK

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